Phone: +385 43 772320 Address: Ul. Vulinca Alojza 28, 43240, Čazma Working hours: mon-fri 08:00-16:00

DI Čazma d.o.o. since 2014 is part of the Florian Group. The production process includes sawing logs, planing boards, drying elements, flooring, finishing of finished floor finishes and massive and platted furniture production.

The massive furniture factory specializes in the production of top quality furniture from massive wood, primarily from Slavonian oak. His own collection of massive wood furniture includes furniture for living, working and sleeping rooms and dining areas.

Styles and optimal construction solutions are the result of constant collaboration with designers who know the target markets, material qualities and performance options. In addition to the existing collections, it is possible to produce a piece or line production according to the customer’s design. Plate Furniture Factory specializes in designing furniture, ie furnishing hotels, offices and the like.