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What is a cookie?

We’re glad you’re not one of those blind clicks every time the “I agree” button appears. ?

Okay, you wonder what the cookie is, right?

You must have already clicked on that notification for the first time when you first visited a web site without thinking about what you gave your permission to.

In essence, the cookie is information that saves the text of a file in your computer from the webpage you just visited (this can also be a cell phone or tablet).

Normally, the most common settings for the website (important for some basic functionality) are stored, such as the preferred language or address.

Once you’ve got “cookies” saved, once you re-open a webpage you’ve visited before, your web browser sends back the saved cookies that belong to that page. So the website knows that it should display the information that is tailored to your needs.

You may find this simplest in the example of a typical web store – without the use of cookies, a web store could not remember all the items added to the cart, so in that case online shopping would be a enough, mentally-looking, challenging process. In order to make the login page for each page you need to re-login to go shopping. ?

Cookies can also store other information, but ultimately all information can only be saved if you allow this.

Namely, the website can not access the information you did not access and can not access other files on your computer.

However, if you do not want the website to store any information about your web surfing, you can always change the settings of your web browser.

You simply choose not to save cookies, or to save cookies automatically when you close your browser.

Using “cookies” and analytics

When you visit our website, we can send one or more “cookies” of small text files that contain a string of alphanumeric characters to your computer that uniquely identifies your browser and they help you navigate through the webpage. The “Cookie” can also provide us with information about how to use the website (for example, the pages you are viewing, the links you click and other activities you take on the website), and allow us to monitor your web site usage occasionally.

“Permanent cookie” stays on your hard drive after you close the browser. Your browser can use “persistent cookies” when visiting the web site again. “Permanent cookie” can be removed by following your browser’s directions. “Session cookie” is temporary and disappears after you close the browser.

We use “Cookies” in accordance with the permission you provided us through cookies settings.

The table below contains a list of cookies and the information we collect from them.

woocommerce_cart_hash The first two cookies contain information about the basket as a whole. The cookie does not store personal information.
woocommerce_items_in_cart Helps the shop know when the basket data changes. The cookie does not store personal information.
wp_woocommerce_session_ Contains a unique code for each customer to know where to find the basket data in the database for each customer. The cookie does not store personal information.
moove_gdpr_popup Notification of cookies.
wordpress_logged_in_ WordPress cookie for logged in user.
wordpress_sec_ These cookies help us stay logged in on the site.
PH_HPXY_CHECK A server cookie, set by a hosting provider.
wp-saving-post WordPress cookie created when self-polling in the editor.
wfwaf-auth cookie Identifying visitors via a security plug-in to prevent attacks over the network.
wp-settings This is used to customize your view of the administrator interface, and possible main interface.wp-settings.
GUEST-VIEW Allows guests to change their orders
LAST_CATEGORY The last category you visited
LAST_PRODUCT The last item you viewed
NEWMESSAGE Indicates the receipt of a new message
NO_CACHE Indicates whether the cache is allowed
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART Link to your shopping cart info and browsing history if you opened a page
POLL Identification number of any polls you have completed
POLLN Information on which surveys you participated in
RECENTLYCOMPARED Items you have recently compared
STF Product data you sent to your friends via email
STORE Store Overview or Selected Language
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Indicates whether the customer has approved the cookie usage
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDS Products you’ve recently viewed
WISHLIST Encrypted list of products added to your wish list
WISHLIST_CNT The number of items in your Wish List